Expand your portfolio and strive toward a deeper understanding of personal point of view.

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This is an intensive one week immersion in examining your motivations and realizing new photographic works. We will discuss as a group and individually how to realize a portfolio of images that resonate together.

Each student will have thorough one-on-one meetings with Brenton throughout the week to consider what kinds of photographs you really want to make, and how to give them shape and form as a group.

We'll discuss editing dynamics and sequence and work toward a group of photographs that speak together. The students will do field work out in the good light of the day and edit and discuss into the evening. This is a chance to work hard on your photography, receive guidance, and editing help and maybe propel your ideas forward! Work prints will be made by the student services lab for discussion and sequence.

A portfolio review is required for admission to this class.

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Brenton Hamilton

BH photo by Kari Wehrs

Brenton Hamilton



Raised in Maine, Brenton Hamilton is an educator and working studio artist living in Rockport. Hamilton’s earliest years were growing up on the Maine coast on Clapboard island near Falmouth, Maine.

Brenton attended the University of Maine and Maine Photographic Workshops completing studies in 1985 and later earned a baccalaureate degree from LaGrange College in Design, Magna Cum Laude in 1990 and an MFA in Photography from the Savannah College of Art & Design in 1992.

Hamilton has led classes at Maine Media Workshops for 22 years and his specialty areas include the history of photography, B&W darkroom craft and historic processes. Brenton lectures widely both in Maine and nationally about contemporary issues in photography, its history and other subject area interests within the medium and contemporary trends. He is also on the adjunct faculty at the International Center of Photography in New York City and teaches many historic process courses at The Center of Alternative Processes also in New York. Brenton is a contributing writer and president of Obscura, founded in 2009, a non profit organization devoted to the progress of youth education in photography and books.

His work is represented at TILT Gallery in Phoenix, Arizona. Hamilton’s photographs are held in permanent collections at the Farnsworth Museum of Art, Portland Museum of Art and many significant private collections nationally. His first monograph was published by Obscura Press in 2010: The Blue Poet Dreams

Also view: www.brentonhamiltonstudio.netwww.obscuraweb.org/


What Brenton's students have said:

"Brenton Hamilton is an outstanding teacher. He's makes learning the different processes exciting and enjoyable."

- Sue Lynch, Plymouth, PA


"Brenton is very passionate about what he does and you can expect him to be committed to making your work as great as possible."

- Kat Clark, Racine, WI

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