Communicate your unique experience of the world by telling stories through multi-layered meaningful images.

Thatcher CookThe telling of stories through images is an exciting and effective way for a photographer to communicate his or her unique experience of the world. The most profound picture stories are multi-layered. How a story is told is often more important than the narrative itself. Mood, color and composition are among the elements used to transform the narrative to the visually poetic.

This workshop begins with an in-depth analysis of each student’s portfolio in an effort to reveal the common thread that runs through his or her work. Subsequently, the instructor uses the information garnered by this analysis to guide students in the full realization of their uniquely personal visions.

There are daily shooting assignments and class field trips; however making photographs is only part of the course. The course is intense and involves readings, writing, slide shows and active participation in-group discussions.

Students develop their identities and philosophies as photographers and discover new ways to express themselves.

Transportation, laptops and shooting digital is encouraged.


"The teacher, Thatcher Cook, was an incredibly devoted, accepting, and challenging workshop leader who is a wonderful & inspiring human being!"
- Suki Hanfling, Watertown, MA

"Thatcher Cook is an extraordinary person, photographer, and teacher. His dedication to the art form and his spirit are truly inspiring."
- Timothy Briner, Brooklyn, NY

"Thatcher is a gem, his teaching is invaluable. He has a special eye, noticing special moments for a photo as well as what individual students need."

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