Platinum prints are admired for their beauty and one-of-a kind print statement. Whether you work digitally or in film, Tillman Crane will lead you into the seductive realm of platinum printing.

Platinum prints, also known as platinum/palladium or platinotypes, are made by photographic process popular in the late 1800’s. Known for their beauty, archival stability and unique, one-of-a-kind print statement, an interest in this alternative process has taken hold, even as digital advancements have exploded in recent years. Platinum prints have a different “look” from silver gelatin or digital prints. All platinum prints have a matte, not glossy surface, because the emulsion is absorbed into the paper rather than sitting on the surface. A platinum print also has a more gradual change from black to white along its tonal range. To the eye accustomed to the punch of a silver gelatin print, a platinum print will often feel “softer” or lower in contrast. In reality, there are actually more steps between pure black and pure white in platinum prints than in silver gelatin prints and this contributes to the deeper, richer feeling you experience when looking at these prints.

 Any photographer, working in any format, film-based or digital, can make platinum prints today. This workshop provides the beginner platinum printer the information and knowledge to make platinum prints in your own home. For the more experienced platinum printer this workshop can be used to build your skill set and problem-solve printing issues. We will work with both the traditional and the NA2 platinum/palladium printing processes. Topics to be covered include, but are not limited to, paper choices, image color, contrast controls, basic hand coating methods, use of step wedges and masking techniques. 

Students should bring negatives (4x5 to 8x10) or a CD of high quality scans. We will use Pictorico or Inkpress material to print negatives. The emphasis of this workshop is on making the platinum print so we will be using pre-determined curves and not individualizing curves for your home printers. 

Students will supply their own platinum printing kit. Prior to the workshop, the instrictor will send you information regarding these kits. Contact me at before purchasing if you are uncertain which kit you will need. Each kit will allow you to make approximately 25 – 35 8x10 prints. Paper and developers will be provided. 

With plenty of one-on-one guidance and a focus on making prints, this workshop is guaranteed to build your skills as a platinum printer. 

Participants will be contacted prior to the start of the workshop with guidance on purchasing a kit with all necessary supplies.

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