Acquire a working base line for any photographic challenge that might arise in the field

©SuarezEvery day in the life of a photojournalist is a new opportunity, a new challenge. The goal of this workshop is to teach participants to think on their feet, to adapt and to start thinking like a photojournalist. Providing a working base line for any photographic challenge that might arise in the field, this workshop teaches aspiring journalists to think like pros in the industry.

Students discover their ability to visually process information to their advantage, finding beauty in daily life by focusing on the elusive yet ubiquitous moments. In addition, participants learn how to use light as another storytelling tool, deciphering when to use natural light and when to take control by utilizing additional light sources. 

Each day new topics are explored including portraits, features (a.k.a. stand-alone art in the newspaper lingo), documentary photography, travel and landscape. Discussions are taken into the field in the form of daily shooting assignments.

© SuarezAs the average journalist may not necessarily have a choice regarding what their daily assignments are, students learn to remain flexible when presented with assignments. Everyday is a new challenge. Photographers must adapt and keep moving forward while meeting deadlines and creating interesting images that catches the viewer’s eye. Students strive for an opportunity, challenge, balance and visual voice.

© Essdras Suarez

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