Reinvigorate your art education practice

This is a 'jump start' workshop for all who need to explore the questions, fears, and hopes that photo, art, and media educators share. The course is designed for working high school and college educators and those about to embark on a teaching career. 

The week has a flexible program of presentations, discussions, and exercises that focus on the art of critique; how to give assignments; how to utilize teaching philosophies and methods; how to structure a course and decide its content. Ideas of program development, assessment issues, processes and materials, resources, field trips, and alternative process image-making are all covered as well. The week's curriculum is designed following a first meeting with the class to see what is most important to the individuals in the workshop. There will be information on darkroom systems, hardware, the digital darkroom, new materials and processes, resources and teaching aids, coping strategies, hands-on image-making, and, very importantly, a reminder of why you began a career in the arts and education.

There are shooting opportunities, a working field trip or two, detailed discussions of the way digital imaging has become central in photographic education, and how to successfully run a program that integrates traditional and digital. Bring personal work for critique exercises and samples of work (in print or digital form) to share.



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