Create extraordinary imagery with the power to protect the natural environment through heightened personal and social awareness.

©Gary BraaschIn this course you will learn to make meaningful and extraordinary images that heighten personal and social awareness of the natural environment and its needs for protection. It is for photographers wanting to develop their technical skills, creative eye, and approach to environmental issues.

Instruction encompasses methods for research, fieldwork, and editing while always maintaining a sensitivity to the aesthetics of photography. Adventuring into the field, workshop members experiment with lenses, exposure and point of view and study the qualities of light, line, texture, design, and tonality found in nature. When these elements and their application to photography are understood, participants discover the power of their imagery as one of the most effective means of promoting awareness and enlisting compassion. Story-telling, combining images into sequences for greater communication, and creating photographs that enrich one's sense of the landscape are also important here.

Gary shares his approach to photographing nature for editorial, book, and conservation assignments, as well as how to translate personal vision into story proposals, assignments, and books. There are early morning field assignments, late morning reviews and afternoon assignments. Locations include the nearby coves, harbors, forests, tidal pools, lakes and areas of environmental interest found around coastal Maine.

Participants may shoot B&W film or digitally.

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"It was an important experience to work with Gary Braasch"
- Brian Bonometh, Zurich, Switzerland

"Enriching opportunity to work with top flight photographers & get to know them personally"

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