Explore the power of photography to affect social change.

Stan Grossfeld

This one-week workshop is for working photojournalists and concerned documentary photographers who want to learn to 'make a difference' both in photography and life. The course, limited to just 10 students, deals with the development of ideas, exhibitions and book projects, which reflect personal convictions, a desire to influence public opinion and to change political policy.

Through shooting, critiques, and class discussions students learn how to create images and bodies of work that move viewers emotionally and often catalyze social change. Mornings are held in the classroom where Stan explains his approach to story development, research, photography and how to get access in delicate situations. Portfolios will be reviewed as well as student work on ongoing projects. Stan helps participants refine, define and develop their stories and projects from research to reality.

Additional topics include fundraising, new media, editorial concepts, book projects, proposal writing, getting an assignment, picture editing, writing the text, and career counseling. Participants spend afternoons researching and photographing issues and subjects in the areas which reflect each photographer's concerns and story concepts. Students are to bring completed projects or works-in-process, a portfolio, and cameras.

Students may work digitally or in B&W film, 35mm or medium format.

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