Immerse yourself in architectural photography with award-winning, master photographer, Brian Vanden Brink

©Brian Vanden BrinkThis workshop explores the art and craft of photographing homes from a professional point of view. When addressing the myriad of issues associated with architectural photography, students will develop an awareness of light and how to control it and when and how to employ artificial light. They will explore different perspectives, where to set up the camera and why, camera movements and when to use them, styling and selecting props, and using film versus digital medium. All this will culminate in a solid foundation of architectural photography.

Students learn what an architect or magazine may be looking for in both an image and a shoot and how to successfully achieve these goals. As a local resident who works nationally and internationally, Brian shares his extensive knowledge of the collaborative process of working with magazines, architects and various clients.

Through demonstrations, shooting assignments, discussion and critiques, students walk away from this workshop with a new understanding of the process and profession of architectural photography.

Students are required to work digitally and a laptop is required for image processing and editing.


"It's not often one can say that they did something that could change their future. Coming to Maine Media for me may be that thing - time will tell"
- Bob Avakian, Edg, MA

"I had a significant experience here. I made a quantum leap on a daily basis."
- Steve Lewis, Exeter, NH

"Passionate instructors and dedicated students"
- Leo Casado, Manchester, NH

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©Brian Vanden Brink

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