Spend the week amidst the lush landscapes of Midcoast Maine photographing gorgeous gardens

Lee Anne WhiteJoin Lee Anne White exploring the beauty of Midcoast Maine for a week of photographing gorgeous gardens. In this workshop, students spend time in the field amidst lush landscapes as a classroom.

While landscape photographers make order of nature's cacophony, this course focuses on making sense of and revealing what the gardener has created. As with architectural photography, there are two people creating the images--the photographer and the designer--leaving the photographer to develop his or her sense of design, as well as photographic techniques.

Whether you photograph flowers and their environments for fine art or editorial purposes, participants have an opportunity to master professional techniques and refine an individual sense of photographic style. Photographers learn how to cope with changing light and weather conditions, and how to capture a garden's unique character. Students also experiment with lenses and accessories to emphasize a flower's color, form and texture, and to convey warmth, energy and emotion.

In addition to group and solo field trips, this workshop features classroom discussions and critiques. Topics include photographic design, lighting, close-up photography, creating a portfolio, and getting work published. Lee Anne also holds discussions on creativity and using journaling techniques to explore photographic vision. Gardeners and photographers are welcome, however participants must be fully competent with their digital photography equipment.


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