Capture what's exquisite in your own world

© Anne DayLearn how to make extraordinary photographs in ordinary, nearby places.

What makes a successful photograph different from a snapshot? This course attempts to help students photograph people, events, spaces, and ordinary situations to find what is extraordinary in them.

We do not need to travel to exotic locales to makes interesting images. Where we live can be a visual feast. In examining what is important to us, we are just as likely to make a good picture at home as we are in distant places. This course looks at the work of many of our greatest photographers, Andre Kertesz, Edouard Boubat, Elliot Erwitt, August Sander, Joel Meyerowitz, Sally Mann, Nan Goldin, who have made interesting portraits in their own familiar surroundings. There are daily lectures, assignments in the field and morning critiques. We look at and practice working with available light, discovering how the right light can make a photograph extraordinary. Moments, light, composition, expressions, our own POV; these are the things that make image interesting.

Shooting digital and the use of a laptop for image processing is encouraged but not required.

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