Learn posing and directing to create a natural, comfortable look to your photographs

Imagine you're being considered for a major ad campaign. You're handed a layout with a purchase order "green lighted" (given approval for production) by a major ad agency. As you read through the concept, you begin to imagine how it might play out in the photograph. You see the image coming to life. You envision the lighting. You are absorbed in the world, the copy or intended image being proposed creates. A story is being revealed.

When you're done reviewing the assignment parameter, you ask yourself some key questions.

What is the main idea or theme of the advertisement? What does the image say about the human condition in general? How will the proposed concept translate to the visual language of a photograph? Who is the consumer? As the photographer, you must feel passionate about this soon-to-be advertisement. Feeling connected and committed to the assignment will help you do your best work, and there's an enormous amount of work ahead.

This exciting workshop teachs you the delicate intricacy of making an image from conceptualization to the shoot itself. Concentrating on the actual directing of the talent during the photo shoot. Bring your creativity, desire, and eagerness to make your pictures more believable.

  1. Don't Show Your Worries
  2. Go For the Real Smile
  3. Small talk is Your Friend
  4. Keep Notes Short
  5. Make Happy Sounds

Whether you are shooting the next best supermodel or your friend’s newborn or even your family’s best friend, Spot. The same principals of directing are all in play.

This workshop will make your next portrait or assignment feel different. You will feel more in control.

© Robet Meyer

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