Master the techniques for photographing the outdoors in Maine's stunningly colorful natural landscape.

© Cliff Zenor

The Maine outdoors is home to a variety of landscapes and bountiful beauty. This one-week workshop explores ways to work with natural light outdoors in nature, landscape and wildlife photography.


Explore both the technical and artistic sides of outdoor photography. Covering a wide array of information on exposure, equipment, camera systems, lens choices, tripods, filters and special accessories suited for outdoor work, this course equips students for working in the field. Participants also explore formal concerns in outdoor photography: subject size, composition, foreground-background relationships, selective focus, perspective and the photographer’s relationship to the subject. In addition, Cliff teaches aspects of closeup photography, wide-angle and telephoto lenses, and natural light photography.


Anticipate rising before the sun several mornings as in-class discussions are put to work in the field at nearby lakes, forests, parks and the seashore. Students experiment with different lenses to produce exciting new images of scenery, wildlife, the macro landscape and significant details in nature. Assignments aim to increase familiarity and experience with equipment and exposures, preparing students to work on their own projects more effectively. Critiques and discussions are held in class mid-morning and early afternoon, with late afternoons for additional fieldwork and evenings for processing images on your own.


Students are required to work digitally and a laptop is required for image processing and editing.



"The unique environment of Maine Media Workshops allows you to leave everything behind and focus on your craft, which fosters creativity."
- Stephanie, Baltimore, MD

"Well worth the trip!"
- Sharon Lindsay, Tybee Island, GA

"Transformative, nurturing, fun"
- Jack Koeppel, Pennington, NJ

"I made friends, learnt, experimented, and created."
- Felicity Hanford, Bussels, Belgium

© Cliff Zeanor

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