Capture night light in detail, sharpness, color, mood, and drama

©Arlene Collins

For photographers who have ever wondered how an image possibly captured the night light with such detail, sharpness, color, mood, and drama, this workshop reveals all of the secrets. Everyone can photograph during the day when the light is ‘perfect’. It is more challenging to photograph when the light is low, or at night. Low-light situations offer subtleties of tonality and color.

The class is designed for those who want to push their style, gain control of exposing under low light and create a distinctive look. Participants explore the use of long exposures, using neutral density filters, HDR High Dynamic Range and wireless multi-strobe set-ups on location.

Students gain an understanding of how to properly determine exposures when a light meter reading is not available, how to create nighttime special effects, and how to paint light with a flash unit and flashlights. The effects of time exposures often create more interesting and dramatic photographs. The class works throughout the night to create new, innovative low light imagery, from technical execution to newfound creative vision.

Students should bring a camera, cable release or remote trigger, tripod, speed light, and laptop computer for image processing.

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