A photographic exploration of coastal Maine

Neal ParentNew England has a beautiful quality of light that is a photographer's dream.

From Pemaquid Lighthouse to Acadia National Park, students photograph the coastal colors, rocky coasts and quaint harbors while learning to use their cameras in manual mode. Participants travel daily to various points of interest along the Maine coast studying their camera as a tool and discovering the creative empowerment that results.

The foaming ocean and sea spray makes for a variety of unique images when the photographer has control over the camera’s shutter speed and control by way of understanding and intention. Students learn the powerful relationship of aperture and depth of field. With Neal’s vast experience in photographing Maine’s coast, students get an inside look at shooting techniques and gorgeous locations.

Participants engage in critiques of their fieldwork, discussing composition and framing as well as the difficulties that arise while shooting. Through daily challenges and discovery, students become confident in their creative, technical, and photographic capabilities.

Students are required to shoot digitally and encouraged to bring a laptop for image processing.

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