Transform ordinary candid shots into extraordinary images

Constantine ManosThis is an opportunity to learn precise techniques for photographing people unobtrusively, at close range, for combining people, place, moment, and the element of chance in making unique and compelling images. Students photograph in nearby towns and at regional fairs and carnivals as they attempt to capture magic moments that make complex statements that reflect their feelings about the subject.

The class explores the psychological aspects of candid photography, striving to portray subjects as distinct individuals rather than generic types. Classroom instruction, informal discussions, private and group critiques and fieldwork help sharpen each participant’s vision.

Students shoot digitally.  A 35mm camera with a wide-angle lens (28mm and/or 35mm) is recommended. Students should bring a tightly edited portfolio of their work for evaluation. Admission is by portfolio review.

A Leica specialist is on campus this week, providing a selection of Leica M-system digital cameras for students to work with while in Costa’s class.

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