Expand the unobserved world, your digital knowledge base and artistic eye.

© Alan DetrickMacro photography is the visual portal to a world most people walk by without a glance. Plants, animals, and parts of plants and animals never before imagined enter the camera’s viewfinder. For anyone who loves nature, whether admiring the flowers in a garden, watching a butterfly or examining nature’s patterns, the desire to capture these images is as natural as taking the next breath. Join author and professional photographer Alan L. Detrick as he takes you on a tour of the macro photography world.

Lectures and daily class reviews, in combination with group and independent shooting sessions, provide a well-rounded learning environment for students to create work, ask questions, and grow by leaps and bounds with their macro imagery. Lectures cover the basics of macro photography including exposure, depth of field and composition. In the field, students have the opportunity to work one on one with Alan solving problems and learning specific techniques for individual situations.

This is a digital photography workshop. Digital raw file adjustment, processing in Adobe Lightroom and digital workflow are a part of this course with time given each day to edit work. Students should have a solid understanding of their camera functions.

A Digital SLR capable of capturing macro/close up images is required. MMW has DSLR cameras available for check out with a very limited number of Macro lenses. A tripod, cable release, laptop with digital editing software are strongly encouraged along with instruction manuals.  


"The best instructor in all of the workshops I've taken (a lot). He's confident in his mastery and feels no need to advertise that. If you don't need his help, he leaves you alone. Yet, he is always there when you need him!"
- Walt Frankhauser, Rockbridge Batfits, VA

"Prepare for an intensive learning experience in a highly supportive environment."
- John Benet, San Francisco, CA

"This class encourages me to see the world differently."
- TL Campbell, Belgrade, ME

"I think I am leaving a better and more careful photographer."
- Stanley Strauss, Douglaston, NY

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