A non-traditional creative approach to working with light.

Chris Stanford

Explore various methods of breaking the rules of lighting in a workshop that is anything but traditional. Chris Stanford, a self-taught and widely successful photographer, examines light beyond traditional techniques by incorporating aspects of bending, manipulating, blocking, bouncing, stealing, and shaping light. This particular course has only one rule: there are no rules when it comes to using light to create an image. Students should come prepared to explore new methods as they gain the knowledge of approaching a subject with an open mind. By utilizing available light, studio light, tungsten, daylight, and mixing all of them, students are able to achieve a personal vision. This course is designed for the photographer who wishes to break the barriers of lighting and to push themselves beyond industry standard methods. Students walk away from this course with a new creative vision and a sense of the immense possibilities of lighting outside the box.

© Chris Stanford

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