Embrace the power of light to create the extraordinary.

Gregory Heisler

"Photo-graphy" literally means "light-writing." All photographers express themselves through the use of light, whether it's created, waited for, or already there. This class does not offer formulas or tricks; it is an endeavor to open up creative possibilities Participants will use a range of tools from the simplest to the most sophisticated. They will expand their abilities to find uniquely personal methods for working with light to help create a style all their own.

 Join Gregory Heisler, renowned for his innovative and distinctive use of light, to explore its potential for setting a mood and creating evocative images.

Students are required to shoot digitally.

A portfolio review is required for admission to this course. You can submit a portfolio via a link to your website, online portfolio, or print submission. For more detailed information on these requirements, click here.


"Heisler has so much experience to draw from and so many real world examples to share. It opens up the possibilities. I'm thrilled to get back to work with these new skills."
- David S. Holloway, Brooklyn, NY

"Maine Media Workshops are just the best our there. Great mix of people, subject matter, food, location and feel. Not to mention the learning, lectures, and lights!"
- Skip Klein, Stevenson, MD

"I love this location - how you can unplug from the 'day to day' & study with some incredible talents."
- Robert Krivicich, Charlestown, MA

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