Using stripped down photography to hone your style

Photo By: Lisa WisemanIn the age of ever-advancing technology and information overload, the real challenge is identifying and clarifying the essential themes of your imagery and who you are as a photographer.
Lisa uses stripped down photography to hone your style and focus your work: shoot digitally or with instant/Polaroid film and work to see your personal themes refined and explored. Concentrate on finding common threads between existing portfolio work and the “liberated” imagery shot during your time at Maine.  
The objective of this workshop is to help students take away a better understanding of what drives their photography at a basic level and find the underlying commonalities between their different types of work. Based as a shooting and critique workshop, it provides a liberated shooting space by asking students to eschew their usual shooting process in favor of spontaneity and focusing on the feeling of shooting. Class shooting is either digital or instant-film based and is backed by daily critiques and exploratory writing assignments. Critiques compare existing work with new work shot in the class, thus gearing this workshop toward serious and/or professional photographers who bring a cohesive body of work to examine as reference.
Digital SLR, point & shoot, camera phones and any instant camera with instant film are encouraged and can be used. Film processing is not available.
Students are required to bring their complete personal body of work in digital form. Recommended: 100 -150 images minimum, category-separated.

In a special partnership with The Impossible Project, workshop participants will receive a 10% discount on instant film from The Impossible Project. Workshop attendees may purchase film by calling The Impossible Project directly at 888-250-6020 and providing them with a unique registration number. This discount will not be valid for online purchases. Please view instant film choices by visiting The Impossible Project's website.

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