New ways to shoot, edit and share your photos

Mobile Photography has always been fun, but somes limiting and definitely clunky. Everything we did as mobile Photographers was contained within the iPhone, but now with cloud native Photography everything is wide open. You can shoot with a DSLR, edit with an iPad and send images with an iPhone. What equipment you bring all depends on how light you want or need to travel. We will be experiencing Maine and photographing all it has to offer, from small towns to rural countryside and it’s wealth of natural landscapes. Activity is content. Now you can share the delight of a meal at a cozy restaurant while on the way to that beautiful National Park…..all without missing a beat.

With the shoot, edit and share workflow the powerful iPhone is home base. Lightroom CC and Lightroom Mobile allow you to sync photos between devices* and edit them on the go. (*iPhone, iPad, Laptop)


  • With the iPhone in DNG/RAW using Lightroom Mobile for better photos
  • Add the camera connector kit and you can import images directly from an SD card Expanding your capture capabilities. (Including RAW)
  • Learn other advanced Capture Apps that have unique capabilities like HDR


  • Develop an editing foundation using Lightroom Mobile
  • Expand your editing capabilities with an iPad and/or a Laptop
  • Learn other editing Apps like Photoshop Mix and beyond to add creative capabilities


  • Create a seamless workflow between devices
  • Share images to popular Social Media Apps like Instagram and Facebook
  • Send images to personal Websites, Blogs and Email


Shane Srogi

Shane Srogi has been a Professional Photographer and Educator for going on 20 years now.  “The Camera is at the intersection of my lifelong interests in Art, Technology and our Environment.  It is, for me, the perfect instrument for telling a story.”  He was captivated with the American Landscape at an early age while on a cross country trip to Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks.  His fascination lead to a degree in History from Rutgers University.  A range of study that included pre-Columbian America through the Formative years of our Nation.  His study of Photography took hold there too, “I convinced my Thesis Teacher to let me complete my Thesis as a Photo Essay.” 

In the Mid 90’s Shane made his move toward digital, with a 2 year degree in Multimedia Production from the Art Institute of Seattle.  “This was a natural progression for me I had been programming since the age of 10 and something I wanted to be in on the ground floor of.”  He graduated as part of a pilot program with 11 other students.  

Shane teaches Workshops throughout the country, year round and manages a custom print lab.  He has worked on the History Channel’s Great Race, a Rally Car race across the West.  The X-Files Video Game where his still images merged with video to become part of the fabric of this live action game.  He is most proud of his conservation work in Washington State, helping maintain wild rivers and clean water, Wolf reintroduction, and being asked by REI to document an area that would eventually get park designation.  His prints have been exhibited in galleries and museums across the country.

He currently lives on a Rescue Horse Ranch in South Florida but his years in Seattle have left him with a serious love of coffee. 

© Shane Srogi

Course Dates

Aug 6 to Aug 12



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