This is an introductory class for photographers with a desire to use the view camera and large format photography in their personal and professional work.

Participants will expose sheet film in a large-format camera", and learn how to control convergence and plane-of-focus through the camera movements‰ÛÓshift, swing and tilt. In addition to the technical work specific to the view camera, this class is a complete course in traditional wet-lab photography encompassing all subjects relative to creative black-and-white work. Students learn to choose and handle appropriate equipment and materials, develop large sheet film, and make fine prints on gelatin-silver papers.

Participants learn to work with a simplified Zone System for determining exposures and contrast control. During daily field exercises, students discover how to use the view camera to photograph a variety of subjects including fishing villages, farmlands, forests, lighthouses, granite forts, the seashore," and New England architecture.

Course Dates

Jun 21 to Jun 27




Class Size