Develop the skills to initiate communication with your subjects, and create memorable and lasting portraits

Do you have a passion for photographing people? This workshop helps you to make the connections that can create beautiful and © Just Loomispersonal images of those around you.

With instructor Just Loomis, you explore the workings, creative and technical behind producing the intimate portrait. We look closely at the relationship between photographer and the subject. Just takes the participants through his working method of making these connections. This includes finding and approaching a subject, overcoming shyness and fears and understanding why you are drawn to certain characteristics. You learn how to arrange the suitable place and light that bring out the emotion and personality of your subjects.

Just believes that once you understand your inner motivations it is easier to produce the intimate portrait. Students work with models to create a series of images in this workshop while they cover certain important technical issues. Discussions on lighting will be a critical element of this experience. Students discover and develop the skills required to initiate communication, and then create memorable and lasting portraits of their subjects.

© Just Loomis

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