Beyond the basics of digital imaging and into fine-tuned adjustments

Student Image By: Sarah Bryant

Investigate digital imaging beyond the basic adjustments, and develop digital lab skills to make fine-tuned image enhancements with Adobe software. This workshop provides hands-on practice in digital image processing for those already comfortable with digital cameras and manual settings. In-class instruction and lecture address digital capture, image control, and boundless creative possibilities.  Students explore their personal vision throughout the week both in the lab and in the field, discovering challenges, advantages, limitations and solutions to digital capture and processing. Using Adobe Lightroom, students learn organizational skills, retouching, tonality, contrast control, color saturation, various printing methods and exporting. After mastering Lightroom, participants are introduced to the basics of Adobe Photoshop CS5, enabling refined image adjustments and controll

This course is the second in a sequence of digital photography workshops, preparing students for further exploration in the next class of the sequence, Advanced Digital Photography.

An understanding of camera functions in manual mode as well as a basic understanding of Adobe Lightroom is required.

This class is part of a multi-course sequence and may qualify for a discounted tuition of 10%.  Contact for details.

Winter/ Spring lodging and meal package available $450.


"For the week you are here, it doesn't matter who you are, where you come from, or how much money you have in your pocket, because everyone comes as equals who all share the common love for the medium of choice."
- Steven Turner, Rockport, ME

"The people, the place, and the photography refresh one's spirit."
- Ann Marie Roglacheck-Frissell, Bloomfield, NJ

"Maine Media's instructors are knowledgeable, friendly, enthusiastic, and best of all...patient!"
- Chelsea Kennedy, Mississauga, ON Canada

"This week has been one of growth, discovery, and inspiration. I will carry these lessons for a lifetime."
- Jason Hersom, Kents Hill, ME

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