Express something personal through your images and reveal your unique, artistic voice.

David Julian

A challenge for today's photographers is not only to capture form, time and light, but to express something personal through their images. In this workshop emphasis is placed on creating photographs that communicate ideas and reveal each individual’s unique, artistic voice. Designed for individuals longing for the spark and excitement of creative growth, enthusiasts, professionals, educators and students alike benefit to further their authentic voice.

The week begins with presentations and lively collaborative sharing of inspirations and ideas. Daily brainstorming, shooting trips, and digital image processing are complimented with constructive reviews. Trips to Maine’s majestic shores, historic landmarks, cultural features and visits with unique, local residents provide diverse subject matter for visual storytelling. Participants are encouraged to experiment freely and shoot subjects and styles that fulfill their artistic goals. David guides each participant to identify existing skills, build sensory awareness and reach higher levels of confidence through creative accomplishment.

For additional creative control, participants marry their visual voice with the support of technical know-how. Essential Photoshop and Lightroom workflows including RAW processing, adjustments and toning techniques are expertly demonstrated and integrated throughout the week. By week's end, participants have a series of images that creatively interpret concepts, reflecting their imagination, craftsmanship and vision.

Digital cameras and accessories of any kind are welcome. Lensbaby® Composers and other tools are available for use. Bring existing work, inspirations to share, and a zest for learning while having fun.


"Working with David was a joyful and inspiring experience!  This workshop not only taught me much about Lightroom, it also helped me learn about my process, recognize how I feel when I'm making magical images, and hone my artistic vision! I'd highly recommend it to any aspiring artist!"
- Amanda Sheehan, Sacramento, CA

"The best part was that David (the instructor) encouraged us to 'play' with both photographing & developing. This allowed me to take risks and see differently"
- Francesca Galluccio-Steele, Portland, ME

"This course lit me up! I am renewed with ideas and creativity"

"David is a great teacher. He's patient and works with the needs of each individual student while inspiring the whole class to go beyond their expectations."

"It was such a treat to spend the week being with everyone and in the world of David Julian. I had a blast."

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