Create personal, visual stories of the human side of medicine and the illness experience

This workshop is for photographers, filmmakers, and health care professionals who wish to create or work with personal, moving images that explore the human side of medicine and the illness experience. We consider the emotional and ethical challenges of creating this kind of imagery with particular attention to HIPAA, the law and informed consent. We consider the relationships formed with people while working, and the special, technical aspects of bringing still and film cameras into this setting. We review and learn from work that has been done by others. Participants have the opportunity for week-long field placement alongside patients and health care professionals in local facilities. As a group, we discuss our ongoing projects and field experience, and can also share portfolios and life experiences. The emphasis is on respect for persons and institutions, as well as the quality and value of our work.

This is a unique opportunity for photographers, filmmakers and health care professionals to share skills, stories and interests in the Maine Media Workshop tradition.


Jacek Mostwin

Jacek Mostwin, MD, DPhil, is a physician specializing in urological surgery. As a photographer, he has concentrated on the human concerns of the sick and those who care for them. As a medical educator he has concentrated on the narrative and personal experiences of patients and health care professionals. For the last twenty years he has traveled in religious pilgrimage with the sick to the shrine at Lourdes, has been active in clinical medical ethics, and has worked in the darkrooms and studios of the Maine Photographic Workshops where he refined his interests in photography and writing. In 2004, he completed the Maine MFA program with a film entitled Engaging the Spiritual Dimension: A Doctor’s Tale. He is currently working on a project exploring Burn Care in America. Jacek brings his knowledge and experience of medicine and art to the Workshop with a focus on the humane and spiritual potential of photography.


Peter Mullett

Peter Mullett is a photographer and filmmaker who’s career began in the late 1960’s working as a fashion photographer for magazine and advertising clients not only in his native London but also in Paris, Milan, New York and Munich. He has traveled world wide working as a photographer, and filmmaker, pretty much to every continent.
In the 1980’s Mullett moved to New York and begun to work in the motion picture field, first on television productions then later as a DP for many commercial spots, TV series and independent features. He has also written, produced and filmed three short films, one of which, a documentary called “LES QUATRE SAISONS” was recently accepted and shown at a Film Festival in SW France.

Mullett is still deeply involved in photography as well as filmmaking, he has a number of independent projects underway, likes working “small” after many years of being a part of large productions and he’s still committed to using film as often as possible even though the majority of work is digital these days.

Documentary work and storytelling subjects are a particular passion. He is a great fan of French cinema, loves “real life” stories, appreciates good writing and dialogue, and as a DP he doesn’t believe that the camera should get in the way of a good story. For him the camera should be the “window”, not a player.

His personal photography tends towards black and white imaging and is rarely without one of his well loved, well used, Leicas.    
He splits his time living and working at homes in France and the US.

© Jacek Mostwin

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