Explore new ways of seeing and photographing this classical, controversial, and magnificent form.

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The body is an altogether provocative subject that can be seen in one instance as alluring, graceful, and beautiful, while in another instance challenging.  Through this magnificent subject, we are able to explore our assumptions of beauty, our understanding of “self” and humanity, and the mysterious dynamics between body and spirit, body and mind.  But in order to do so, we must free ourselves of the predetermined notions we have established when interpreting the human form.  By taking an intuitive approach to photographing the body, we will challenge the typical framework with which we make sense of the figure, and produce images that can be startling, exciting, and liberating.


The goal of the class is two-fold: first, to engage in exercises that helps participants recognize and develop their intuitive sense, and secondly, to photograph the nude with increased reliance on the intuitive eye. Participants photograph the nude in a variety of locations, directed by assignments designed to see and photograph this powerful subject in unique and personal ways.


Since this is not based in a digital lab, students are encouraged to bring a laptop for image processing and editing, as well as a portfolio of 10-15 images to share with the class.

A portfolio review is required for admission to this course. You can submit a portfolio via a link to your website, online portfolio, or print submission. For more detailed information on these requirements, click here.

© Connie Imboden

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