Looking at the working coast of Maine as few ever get to see it.

Peter RalstonFrom both ashore and aboard a specially chartered and equipped former lobster boat, students visit several "real" coastal communities and islands that give coastal Maine its defining characteristics of unique beauty and a seafaring legacy that survives intact to this day. The beauty and history surround us as we meet some of the working people who give this place its well-deserved international reputation.

This class is about working close to the subject, learning to take a few chances and learning to let go and live through the lens. And the necessity, once having time in the field, to honestly critique what has been done and make an informed decision about which images really count, and to understand why or why not.

Days start early, taking full advantage of the remarkable ever-changing morning light that pours into the coast from Penobscot Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. Students shoot in the morning, edit and discuss what the trips have yielded in the afternoon and either shoot at dusk or continue to consider what the day's shooting has yielded.

Students are required to bring their own camera equipment onboard as the use of loaner equipment from Maine Media is not provided.

Also, participants are to shoot digitally and encouraged to bring laptops for image processing.

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