The Garden at Night: A Photographic Journey

Discover the magical world of photographing gardens at night. Learn more about white balance, light painting, and working with flash to create stunning compositions.

© Linda RutenbergNight photography is a unique art that requires a certain knowledge and shift in perspective. Lighting has a distinct drama and images are composed of subtler nuances. The garden at night is a magical place where the hidden and unknown world of plants and pathways comes alive.

Taught by Linda Rutenberg, "The Lady of the Night", this week-long workshop takes you into the garden, down a country lane and into the storybook world of nighttime.

There are in-class demonstrations, lectures, and daily field trips to local gardens and on country walks. Regular assignments that cover details of equipment, focus, shooting modes, and white balance are given and critiqued. Students practice techniques in light painting, working with natural light and flash, and ultimately learn to create images associating composition and meaning in this unique context. Unveil the little-known reality of night photography with us this summer in Maine.

What you learn:

You learn how to handle all the aspects of night shooting both technical and aesthetic. Framing and composition are emphasized in class and during the local field trips.

Class needs:

Students are to bring a Digital SLR camera and tripod or can borrow one for the week from the Workshops' Digital Service Department. A flashlight (not LED), batteries and a cable release are needed and an external hard drive to store your images. A laptop will also be required for image processing.


Students should have a comfortable knowledge of their camera and love new adventures.


Linda Rutenberg

For the last thirty years, Linda Rutenberg’s one enduring passion has been to create extraordinary photographic images.  Her distinctive style is defined by her use of unusual subjects, exotic locations and the depths of night. She has created images for fifteen books and numerous exhibitions and her work is found in museums, galleries, corporate and personal collections around the world.

Her career has also included being the artistic director and co-owner of Montreal photography Galerie Mistral, as well as owner of a darkroom rental facility called Camera Lucida Image Center. Linda continues to teach and lecture.

Five years ago, Linda embarked on an extraordinary international project called The Garden at Night-a photographic journey.  This project includes three books: The Garden at Night published by Chronicle Books (2007) which visits 20 American and Canadian gardens at night, After Midnight published by Verve Editions (2008) which is a one year chronicle of the Montreal Botanical gardens and just released The English Garden at Night by Thames & Hudson (2010). In addition, Linda was invited to be artist in residence at the Eden Project in Cornwall, England and created an exhibition called Eden at Night.

These days, Linda lectures, teaches workshops and is working on a new project called The Edge of Time, which chronicles the extraordinary atmosphere and poetic quality of winter in the remote Gaspe Peninsula.

Her work has been reviewed in numerous US, Canadian and UK magazines and newspapers, she has been interviewed on CBC and BBC and her work can be seen on and In addition to her English project, she can be seen on YouTube at:

Linda graduated from Concordia University with a BFA and a MFA and lives and works in Montreal, Quebec.