Unlock the art of the celebrity portrait and capture beautiful portraits in a strict time crunch.

Celebrity portraits often look like they had all day to set up. The reality is that the shot is often snapped within a few minutes. This course teaches students how to size up a location, how to look for the existing ambient light, how to light the location to match the existing ambient (taking your cues from the location) light even a small space beautifully, and ultimately how to master an environmental portrait on location.. The class goes to a different location each day working with both male and female models.

David teaches master lighting techniques customized for the individual subject. The key light is sculpted to varying degrees based on a trained eye, not formulas or lighting diagrams. The class will emphasize seeing the light, setting the mood for the scene, creating atmosphere, the cascading effects of decision-making (when things go wrong), and separating the subject by making the right tonal values that make or break a great image. Students leave the week knowing how to make interesting images, how to make a more interesting location portrait and how to use the lighting to make the subject the star. 

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