Learning the ins and outs of commercial, editorial, and fashion photography

©Lou FreemanApplying a fashionable approach to advertising photography and portraiture can elevate the public image of your subject and communicate confidence to the viewers of your images. Capturing the look of a current fashion in your commercial portraits communicates to your audience that your subject is culturally aware, connected and "with it". Learn how to decide which fashion is right for the goals of your subjects and how to apply lighting and photographic techniques to capture that look in print, even if on a budget. 

In this intense workshop, students work and learn from an experienced professional photographer in the field of fashion, advertising and editorial portraiture.  Daily shooting assignments and critiques guide students along the path to understanding the ins and outs of this tough industry while using the history to shape where the industry came from and where it’s going.

See how the process of proper planning creates powerful, moving images. This process includes choosing the right gear, carefully orchestrating sets and combining these things with perfectly planned hair and make-up to achieve the "look" that you see in editorials, magazines and catalogs. Working in both a controlled studio setting and in the field to learn how to control the environment and the lighting, students gain first-hand knowledge about capturing their vision and showing the real essence of the subject. By week's end, students are able to achieve high-end portraiture while staying within company budgets, deadlines and logistics.

Students are required to shoot digitally and encouraged to bring a laptop for image processing.


"MMW is one of the most creative spots on this earth."
- Larry Kuhn, Wilmington, DE

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