An adventure vacation for the entire family.

This workshop is designed to help families use new digital tools (including iPhone and iPad) and traditional processes for capturing and telling their family stories. We explore photography, sketching, journal writing, collage and book-making as a means to help families capture and share the key ingredients of their histories. We photograph those moments in a family’s life that capture the essence of a shared event or a personal story.

During the week we have a number of exciting, challenging, and artistic family adventures planned.  These may include a windjammer cruise on the Bay, a kayak trip, a lobster dinner on the beach, shopping and hikes on Mt. Battle. Each family selects appropriate activities and each member of the team collects their impressions with digital cameras, a sketch book and journal. The evening campfires are key to the experience, allowing families to share their daily adventures and stories from the past.  The faculty lead parents and their children through the process, giving tips on how to better use the moments, light and composition.  They also teach students how to edit their work, design a lay out and create a multimedia book. They also teach students how to edit their work, design a layout and create a multimedia book. These books are created digitally on Blurb Software, which can then be ordered online.

Anne Day

This class is for parents and their children, ages 8 to 18, who have a basic knowledge of photography and a sense of adventure. 


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