See the world around you with fresh vision Photograph in the stunning light of Midcoast Maine.

© Brenda TharpPhotographs exist around every corner, on every block, in every backyard. All it takes is being open to seeing everything around you in a new light - and that's what this workshop is all about. Photographs are made by our reaction to what we see in any given moment, by how we feel about our subject or the scene before us. They can be our expression of the everyday world. Using visual exercises, presentations, and photo excursions, students learn ways to push beyond seeing just the ordinary in a subject to see something extraordinary about it. We go out in various times of day to work with seeing the possibilities in the light we have, but we definitely work with the lower angles of light in both morning and late afternoon. Our 'field' locations are the villages, harbors, meadows, and other fun spots in the area around Rockport. Designed for the intermediate and advance intermediate photographer, this workshop focus's on seeing, rather than technical skills. It encourages you to see with fresh vision the everyday things around you. 

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