Produce evocative images with non-traditional lenses and techniques

Yet another innovative way to represent life! Photographers often prefer toy cameras such as the Holga and Diana over sharper, more sophisticated professional cameras, because their plastic lenses are closer to what we see with our own eyes. They enable us to produce evocative images with vignetting, focus fall off, and light leaks. The recent release of Holga and Lens Baby lenses for DSLR cameras further expands the creative possibilites.

This course enables you to explore and express your unique creative vision with a variety of plastic cameras and lenses. Lectures examine the work of photographers use of plastic cameras across all photographic genres, providing a context for each day's work. Discussions cover compositional theory and technical concerns. Afternoons are spent working in the field on specific assignments, each designed to awaken your eye and strengthen your ability to deal effectively with new subject matter in a highly personal way. Students can use digital and analogue photography and are encouraged to experiment with as many lenses and cameras as possible. This is an exciting opportunity to realize all the different resources photographers have. Great photographs don't depend merely on expensive equipment. Beautiful pieces can be produced with delightful simplicity. 

© Emily Schiffer

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