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Parish KohanimMarrying the magic and excitement of creative vision with fine-tuned craft yields strong, impressive, exhibition quality work. Parish reiterates the importance of light, color and composition in camera. Students learn to visualize a concept, heighten awareness of their surroundings and capture the beauty and brilliance of midcoast Maine. Lab work compliments the creative process with technical craft as students learn the appropriate workflow in order to spend less time in front of the computer and more time seeing and creating photographs.

Finding the best way to make a beautiful print is no longer a mystery. As digital technology has significantly changed the workflow of photographers, an abundance of tips, tricks, workflows and secret sauces have flooded mainstream resources.  In this workshop Parish guides students through step-by-step digital workflow from capture to output, resulting in exhibition quality prints. Students discover the simplicity, reliability, productivity, and most importantly, the quality of Canon large format printers.

Students bring existing work as well as photograph Maine’s beautiful coastline and small villages throughout the week. Participants have the ability to work with models on location in natural surroundings. Taking images back to the lab, students work with Canon master printer Parish Kohanim using a variety of Canon pigment and dye ink based printers. After working for years in the darkroom, Parish discusses how traditional expertise and craft translates to digital color and B&W printing. Exploring the possibilities of today’s sophisticated technology, students witness brilliant colors and tones of the world that take form in two-dimensional prints.

A basic understanding of Lightroom or Photoshop is required. Students are to shoot digitally.


"I love it here. I have so much fun every time I come here."
- Leah Woodruff, Arlington, VA

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