This workshop is particularly exciting in that its being focused on the documentary aspect of photography opens the stage for gaining a deeper acquaintance with one’s subject. Your relationship can speak through the photographs and you needn’t rely simply on momentary impressions and intuition. It is a more human art form that can communicate something much deeper-it can employ empathy and inspire compassion. Documentary photography is a practice in entering another's world humbly, respectfully, and open to learning and can be a great tool in social and political change.

This workshop prepares each photographer to enter the field with an active eye, heart, and mind, ready to observe and respond to poetic possibilities present in each moment. There are daily discussions and reviews of work in progress, as well as shooting assignments designed to help participants hone their abilities to recognize and capture emotional content and create memorable images. Participants should be confident working on their own as each student works on a project for the week.

During critiques, Debbie guides students in editing skills and problem solving techniques used in advancing personal vision.

Students are encouraged to research possible subjects prior to arrival and come ready to continue to research with an open mind upon their arrival.


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