Explore all aspects of wedding photography with outstanding instructor, Steve Sint

Steve SintThis course is designed for photographers who preferably have some wedding photography experience, enjoy people, and want to make a living using their digital camera to shoot weddings. Daily assignments take the photographer through an entire day of wedding coverage from photos at the bride's house before the ceremony, working in a church, a park, and all the way through to the reception’s photo-journalistic type images.

This course, an extension of Steve's newest book: Digital Wedding Photography: Art, Business, and Style, examines what it takes to be a successful wedding photographer. Through demonstrations, guidance, and feedback from the previous day’s shoots, participants learn how to pose single subjects, couples, and groups in a relaxed manner for natural looking portraits.  Daily assignments are accomplished using actors and real couples dressed in wedding attire as models.  Steve covers the how to of making subjects feel comfortable so that the photo sessions are fun and the use of indoor and outdoor electronic flash, including working with a single flash and two or more flash units. These discussions and demonstrations focus on using slaves, manual and TTL flash, placing and using 'room' lights and fill flash outdoors.

Steve also includes a general overview of equipment needed to provide a wide variety of high quality wedding images and covers in depth how to succeed in the wedding photography business. Topics of discussion include pricing, marketing, choosing samples, increasing sales, and marketing ideas.

While a digital SLR camera equipped with a flash and a single mid-range zoom can cover the vast majority of the subjects and photographs participants create, a laptop and the accessories needed to download work is extremely important to bring to class. Prior to the workshop, Steve provides a detailed syllabus and a list of equipment to bring. 


"Steve has vast experience on this topic and was able to answer any question"
- David Clark, Charleston, SC

"Steve has encyclopedic knowledge of photography and posing and shares all."
- Scott Chmelar, Raleigh, NC

"One word - OUTSTANDING! - from accommodations, meals, lectures and shoots; everything was superb."
- Frank Stark, Parsippany, NJ

"Steve Sint is one photography instructor willing to share his knowledge and passion."
- Monica Davis, Southampton, Bermuda

"Very practical and professional instructors who are totally committed to help us grow."
- Doug Edson, Kennebunk, ME

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