This course is an advanced and in-depth exploration of Color Management, ICC Profiles and Photoshop as it pertains to archival digital photographic printmaking. We will explore different paper types, surfaces, manufacturers and the importance of the paper to the content of the work being presented and the size at which the work is shown.

Students will be introduced to large format printers and printing with generous support of Ilford photographic paper.

Suggested Text(s):

Adobe Photoshop CC for Photographers: A professional image editor's guide to the creative use of Photoshop for the Macintosh and PC

Nash Editions: Photography and the Art of Digital Printing

Weekly Schedule:

Class 1 :Course Discussion on Goals and Outcomes

               Supplies – Color Test

                 What is an ICC profile

Color Management  ( )              

Homework to be done during Lab

Calibrate all monitors in the room under specific lighting conditions

               Be sure to read the Adv portion of the Xrite document

Class 2 :Create our Notebook Pages –

   Discuss Color Ramps

   Black and White Printingvs Color Printing

Class 3 :Ring a Round Test

Class 4 :Discuss different types of printing

                 Outsources labs

Class 5 :Trouble shooting Printer issues

                  Large Format Printing

                  Professional Series vsAmerature/Hobbyist

Class 6 :Print Note Book Due at end of Class @ 4pm

Class 7 :Size Matters Test

Class 8 :Printing – In Class critique on prints

Class 9 :Printing

Class 10 : Final Prints Due


Class meets all day Tuesday at 9AM, beginning March 21.

Course Dates

This course is not offered at this time.
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Class Size