Create enlarged negatives from film or digital capture, and head to the darkroom.

© Alan VlachRecent technological advances have not only expanded the capture and print process in the digital darkroom, but also expanded the printmaking possibilities in the traditional wet and alternative process darkrooms. The developments are groundbreaking. There is no such thing as an impossible negative, as photographers have complete control with Photoshop to produce any necessary adjustments for a variety of print processes. With the current cost and scarcity of many film types, the advent of digital negatives has not only made negative sizes flexible,  but has given some reassurance for the future of silver printing and alternative processes.

Designed for any photographer wanting to make enlarged negatives for either film or digital capture, this workshop teaches a technique using the Quadtone RIP which controls the ink limits used when printing. Utilizing Photoshop, students create the image as conceptualized and increase its versatility by printing using QTR profiles targeted to a particular process whether it be Sliver, Platinum/Palladium, Kallitype or Cyanotype (just to name a few). Students learn the calibration techniques for determining these profiles, then use them to print images in a few selected processes. In addition to files and prints made throughout the week, participants leave with skills, software, and products to take home and apply to their own workflow.


"The energy once you walk on campus is palatable! You cannot leave the workshops without growing and becoming a better artist"


© Alan Vlach

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