Discover new methods of teaching digital media that combine traditional tools with emerging technologies

This is the perfect course for those looking for new information and methods of teaching in an enthusiastic and absorbing environment. It is appropriate for educators at the high school and college levels teaching digital imaging, web design, and multimedia applications.

The newness of digital media technologies and the rapid pace of technological change invite a myriad of challenges in course and curriculum development. These challenges involve relating new technologies to traditional skills and aesthetics, and integrating them as visual teaching tools.

Spend a week with other educators, examining such issues as teaching methods, budgeting and funding constraints, lab ergonomics, creating challenging assignments, critiquing creative work, and the impact of emergent technologies.

An overview of the fundamental skills and theories of digital design is provided.


Brandon Koons

Portrait illustration by student Skylar CarollBrandon Koons, a native of the midcoast area grew up immersed in digital imaging on the campus of the Center for Creative Imaging. He has recently returned from Boston where he completed a degree in Design/Technology from Emerson College. During this time in Boston, he studied a plethora of fields including Film & TV Production, Motion Graphics & Animation, Scenic Design, Audio Production, and Lighting Design. He also worked on a variety of productions including art exhibits (ArtRages, 2007), dance shows (The Dance Asylum, 2008), film productions (Keys to Success), concerts (All Acapella Live, 2008), and traditional theatre. Of the latter category, his most notable productions were The Rubik's Cube, winner of Boston's Annual EVVY Award for Best Scenic Design and Much Ado About Nothing, winner for Best Lighting Design in the same year. Locally, Brandon has owned and operated his own business Rubicon Edge Design and continued to work on productions such as Letter's End, by Spoontree Productions, soon to perform in Hong Kong. Currently, Brandon is teaching the Design/Tech program at the Midcoast School of Technology, encompassing such fields as animation, 3D design, film/video production, and graphic design.


Course Dates

Jul 27 to Aug 2



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