Explore the dynamic frontier of interactivity with new tools from Adobe and Apple.

Ramey NewellWith the proliferation of tablets, e-readers, and other mobile devices, the ability to add interactivity to publications is becoming not just a possibility but a necessity for people and institutions wishing to reach the broadest population possible with compelling content.

Adobe has introduced the Digital Publishing Suite, as part of their Creative Cloud subscription service, to allow the traditional print designer to easily incorporate interactive features into their InDesign projects. Established print publications are reworked, while maintaining links to source materials, through alternate horizontal and vertical tablet layouts. Interactive elements like buttons, and user-editable forms are now incorporated into PDF files. Folio overlays, and app' building support, bring slideshows, virtual panoramas, pan and zoom features, HTML5 animations, audio, and video elements together, converging to produce media-rich tablet experiences.

Apple has developed iBooks Author, a free Macintosh program, that makes the construction of text and picture books a straightforward process. A rich array of built-in tools allow developers to create iPad applications for distribution throught the Apple App Store.  

Explore the dynamic frontier of interactivity and become familiar with new tools from Adobe and Apple. Students should have a working knowledge of InDesign.

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