Move beyond your camera by learning the mindset and methods for creating expressive images with Photoshop.

David JulianPhotographers using Photoshop have unlimited power to transform their vision beyond what can be captured in the camera. This workshop teaches the mindset and methods for making creatively expressive images. With inspiration from a projected collection of global artists' images, this class reviews and plans creative ways to digitally blend photography with other artistic styles and techniques. Participants enjoy shooting on location and bring that excitement back into the lab to process RAW images and delve together into the magical tools within Photoshop. By combining fun, intuition, experimentation and practice, participants build confident control of layers, smart objects, masking, selection tools and adjustment techniques to improve compositions, combine images and repeat successful 'spontaneous inventions'. Wet darkroom and vintage processes are referenced for their classic beauty, as are the look of toy cameras and other visual alternatives. Participants receive a CD and booklet to enhance their learning beyond the workshop. Whether you are at an emerging or professional level, all participants advance their craft and find this workshop unique and extremely rewarding. Bringing existing projects or inspirations to share is encouraged. A familiarity with Photoshop's layers, adjustments, brushes and selection tools is required for this class. 

This class is held in one of our digital classrooms, Macintosh computers will be provided.


David Julian

David Julian holds a BFA from Pratt Institute, and is a widely-published and awarded photographer, illustrator, author and mixed-media artist. His teaching method blends technical processes with pure artistic vision. He has a patient, intuitive teaching manner, and enjoys helping students develop the ability to reach their creative goals. His publications include Nikon World, PRINT, Communication Arts, After Capture, Archive, Digital PhotoPro, Rangefinder, Digital Photographer, PhotoMedia, Zoom and Adobe Layers. Dave also partners with Adobe, Wacom, OnOne, Alien Skin, and co-founded the Seattle PUG, the second largest Seattle Photoshop User Group in America. His images are represented worldwide by Corbis and Alchemy. When not immersed in his studio filled with unusual collections, he travels, kayaks and teaches private workshops in the Americas and beyond. This is Dave's sixth season at the Workshops.

What David's students have said:

"Working with David was a joyful and inspiring experience!"
- Amanda Sheehan, Sacramento, CA

"The best part was that David (the instructor) encouraged us to 'play' with both photographing & developing. This allowed me to take risks and see differently"
- Frencesca Galluccio-Steele, Portland, ME

"David is a great teacher. He's patient and works with the needs of each individual student while inspiring the whole class to go beyond their expectations."

"It was such a treat to spend the week being with everyone and in the world of David Julian. I had a blast."


Course Dates

Jun 21 to Jun 27



Class Size