Refine your personal photographic vision and explore the creative possibilities for improving your photographs in Lightroom and Photoshop.

Join fine art photographer and digital darkroom expert Seán Duggan for an inspiring week on the beautiful Maine coast that combines photography with artistic discovery, seeking out new ways of seeing with your camera, refining your personal photographic vision, and exploring the creative possibilities for improving your photographs in Lightroom and Photoshop.

You will learn compositional and creative techniques for both the straight photographic image, as well as using the initial photograph as a point of departure for visual transformations that lead to more personal images that are interpretive rather than literal. In our photographic explorations, both with our cameras and in the digital darkroom, we will search for the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Knowing your camera well is the first step to realizing your photographic vision. In our daily photo excursions we will explore Maine’s beautiful and diverse scenery to create images in a wide range of lighting conditions, exploring creative photography and essential camera and compositional techniques. We will seek out the "sweet light" but also not shy away from the challenges of more difficult lighting situations. We will make full use of the many advantages of digital capture, but in the spirit of learning and mastering our craft, we will also confront the limitations of digital imaging both in the field and in the lab, and in the process, discover the possibilities for working through these challenges.

In the digital lab, our discussions will cover how to make the most of the technical precision that programs such as Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop have to offer. You will learn how to improve and enhance any image so that it becomes closer to your envisioning of it. In addition to thoroughly exploring RAW file processing in Lightroom, we will use selections, image layers and layer masks in Photoshop to apply modifications that precisely affect a specific area of the photo with infinite flexibility. Other explorations will include creative black & white conversions, digital "hand tinting", panoramas, HDR, creative layering, using texture and adding digital “lighting”.

Daily discussions, demonstrations, and lots of hands-on camera and lab work will provide you with the tools and techniques to advance your skills and realize your creative vision for the images you make. When the week is over you will leave the Workshops with new skills that will help you take your photography and imaging work to the next level.



Seán Duggan

Seán Duggan is a fine art photographer, author, and educator with extensive experience in both the traditional and digital darkroom. He is a co-author of Photoshop Masking & Compositing (2nd Edition, 2012), Real World Digital Photography (3rd Edition, 2010 / 2nd Edition, 2003), The Creative Digital Darkroom (2008), Photoshop Artistry (2006), and his Lightroom Tips & Tricks column can be seen regularly in Photoshop User magazine. Through his writing and teaching, he has been helping photographers master digital photography and digital darkroom techniques since 1996. He is on the faculty of the School of Visual Arts in New York City, presents online courses on photography and digital processing for, and he leads workshops and seminars at venues across the country. 

Course Dates

Aug 7 to Aug 13



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