Craft remarkable light using ambient and photographic sources to express your creative vision in a wide range of locations

Of course, to manage light, one must understand how to see light. A primary emphasis for the week will be learning to walk into any situation, quickly identify what’s working for you (and against you), and craft an effective portrait out of that scene.

The week starts in the classroom and studio, discussing the basic characteristics of light: color, quality, and direction.  Building on these concepts, students will move out of the studio and on-location for shoots each day.

Students are encouraged to take a highly creative approach to lighting rather than to simply capture the light as it appears. Sometimes this means adding light in a subtle way, and other times that means over-riding the ambient light.  

The lighting tools for this workshop will be a mix of studio-sized, battery-powered strobes and modifiers (softboxes, umbrellas, grids, gels, flags, etc), as well as small flash. Students also learn how to use professional grip gear such as C-stands and booms.

Class time includes discussion about lighting issues that arise in the field, as well as strategies for shooting portraits on location. Students shoot on location in the afternoons and evenings. Critiques follow the next morning. By the end of the week participants feel confident in the use of light and strobe lighting systems in a variety of conditions.

This workshop is oriented to advanced amateurs and pros who have a basic understanding of flash photography. No prior experience with large strobes is required.



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