Search for the extraordinary in the ordinary using cameras and Photoshop at their highest level.

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Join the co-author of The Creative Digital Darkroom, Real World Digital Photography and Photoshop Artistry for an inspiring week on the beautiful Maine coast that combines digital photography with presentation, artistic discovery, and exploring the creative possibilities for improving your photographs in the digital darkroom. You will learn creative enhancements for both the straight photographic image, as well as using the initial photograph as a point of departure for visual transformations that lead to personal images that are interpretive rather than literal. In our photographic explorations, both with our cameras and with Photoshop, we will search for the extraordinary in the ordinary.

During the week we will venture out to explore creative photography and essential camera techniques such as composition, understanding how the existing light will affect the image, mastering the camera’s light meter, exposing two or more shots to extend dynamic range or create an HDR image, and other methods for technical and creative control in the camera. In the digital lab, Seán will demonstrate Lightroom and Photoshop techniques for an effective workflow and creative transformations that include getting the most from your raw files, color and tonal manipulations, black and white conversions, toning, color tinting, masking techniques, creative layering, using texture and digital “lighting”, and making fine inkjet prints.

Who Should Attend: This workshop is for photographers who want to explore and redefine their image making by developing mastery of their digital camera and through essential creative techniques in the digital darkroom. A digital camera, preferably one that shoots in Raw, is required for this class. A good working knowledge of your camera as well as a basic knowledge of the fundamentals of Adobe Photoshop (CS4 or later) is essential.

© Sean Duggan

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