Experience printmaking processes and techniques with a Master Printer to create more expressive B&W silver prints.

Jim Megargee

Mastering the technical aspects and artistic possibilities of the darkroom is essential for realizing the full potential of an image as a silver print. This course is for intermediate and advanced photographers who want to become more proficient in making expressive B&W silver prints.

Students learn how to control density and contrast in both the negative and print through exposure and the use of various developers. Students explore master printmaking techniques through the use of various papers, toners and additive chemistry, and archival processes for final print presentation. Discussions include such topics as films, papers, printing requirements for reproduction and exhibition. The use of custom labs and how to communicate with a custom printer are also covered.

Most of the week is spent in the darkroom making prints from negatives that students bring with them, however field trips provide students with the opportunity to make new negatives.

A portfolio review is not necessary but applicants must feel comfortable in the darkroom.


Course Dates

Jul 19 to Jul 25



Class Size


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