Seeing photographically is what this week is all about, join us as we learn how to create strong compositions within the camera.

We do not dwell on the equipment, software or editing. During this week we will discuss the visual, intellectual and intuitive elements, which go into creating a photograph. This course is open to anyone looking for new ways to see - from the novice to the seasoned pro. Each day we explore a single aspect of photographic vision in depth.

Mornings begin with a review and critique of the previous day's photographs, followed by lecture and discussions providing a basis for the day's assignment and fieldwork. Experimentation is encouraged and participants are expected to stretch, explore and test new ideas. Failures and mistakes will be applauded. 

Subjects covered during the week:

  • The Camera Lens - Explore the lens' ability to distort perspective, alter reality and isolate subjects through focus and depth-of-field.
  • Photographic Design - Work with lines, shapes and space as the frame creates two dimensions from a three-dimensional space.
  • Point of View & The Frame - Investigate the frame's ability to edit, select, isolate, include and exclude elements in our field of vision. Examine how the camera lies to tell a greater truth.
  • Light - Develop a greater appreciation for the quality of light- the direct light of noon, the soft light of dawn, the shadows of late afternoon, the diffused light as the Maine fog rolls in.
  • The Culminating Picture - A single photograph, your final assignment, brings together all the elements you have examined and will be presented at the final critique.

Students are encouraged to bring a laptop for image processing and editing since this is not based in a digital lab classroom.


Ken Carl

My home and studio is located in Chicago, Illinois where I maintain an active schedule of assignment work for a variety of clients. I am available for local, national or international assignment. I create fresh and powerful content for corporate, documentary, editorial and educational programs.  Documentary-style story telling is at the heart of my photography. This path began in 2003 when I was assigned a 21-day project in Tanzania Africa. The assignment was to capture a cultural and technology exchange program with high school students from Chicago installing the first ever computer lab in a secondary school in Tanzania.

This experience became key to the foundation of my photographic expression. Some of my most satisfying work has been with Latika Roy, a school for special needs children in India. (  This body of work began as a personal project and has become an ongoing documentary.  The work with Latika Roy evolved into my first one-man show. I have been recognize  as a three time National photographer of the year. I am ready to add my vision, talent and positive energy to your stories.



  • United Airlines
  • Chicago Tribune
  • Verizon
  • Latika Roy Foundation
  • KIPP Charter Schools
  • Macau Tourist Board
  • SAP
  • Cancer Today
  • WTTW Chicago Public Media
  • SmithGroupJJR
  • Kenya Tourist Board
  • Nikon US.
  • Chicago Magazine.
  • Northwestern Memorial
  • Hewlett-Packard
  • USG
  • Financial Advisor
  • Coleman Rayner
  • Tupperware US.
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Sep 10 to Sep 16




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