Work with a variety of natural and artificial light sources to create dynamic portraits.

Robert MeyerPerfectly designed for students looking to learn the art of interior & location lighting in one intensive week. We explore various lighting techniques to help photographers realize their vision. The goal is to provide each student with the tools and experience necessary to quickly grasp the art of interior & location lighting in one intensive workshop.

Lighting is everything. The sun. Artificial continuance light. Studio strobes. Portable strobes. Speed-lights. Color. The quality of light. Color temperature of different light sources. How to soften harsh light out of doors. Filling the shadows in full sunlight. Backlighting...wonderful sometimes awful at others. Lighting objects. How to achieve the daylight look inside using flash or tungsten lights. Tungsten lighting. Bounce, bounce, and more bounce. Balancing flash and daylight. Several methods for portrait lighting. The vanity index Lighting men and women....much more.

This is not a computer class. This experience teaches you how to realize your vision in the picture taking process not the manipulation of a raw file.

Students learn; The aperture / shutter speed relationship. Depth of field explained. What happens to the performance of the lens at various f/ stops? Working with depth of field. How to select the correct aperture & shutter speed for the shot. Why use Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority or Program Mode? How to put it all together. Pre-visualization of your intended purpose.

Different types of light meters. Reflective and incident metering. What do light meters measure? Different methods of metering. ISO and exposure compensation control. The 18% grey card and its uses. What is ISO and what does it do? What is color temperature? Histograms exposed.

We start each day with a critique session followed by a discussion of a specific lighting situation. The rest of the day will be spent photographing in certain situations on locations both exterior and interior that assimilates what was discussed.

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