Learn what Canon flash can do for your photographs.

Syl ArenaThe keys to shooting great images with Canon flash are: (1) know what Speedlites can and cannot do and (2) get the flash off the top of the camera. This workshop focuses on the use of Canon Speedlites for on-location portraits, although the concepts can easily be adapted to product, still life, and many other types of photography.

The week starts with an exploration of one-flash techniques and ends with students firing multiple Speedlites together via Canon’s new built-in wireless system. Along the way, a wide range of modifiers – such as umbrellas, soft-boxes, grids and gels – are incorporated into the shoots. The workshop also goes deep into the mechanics of Canon’s flash system – specifically how and when to use: Mode (E-TTL, Manual, and Multi), Sync (1st-curtain, 2nd-curtain, and High-Speed), Zoom (auto and manual), and the camera’s exposure settings / metering modes. By the end of the week, the mystery of Canon Speedlites is stripped away and students know how to create beautiful light under a wide variety of situations.

Students must bring a Canon DSLR, a 600 or 580 series Canon Speedlite and a laptop with image-processing software (Lightroom, Aperture, or Bridge/Photoshop). Optional gear includes: wide-angle and medium-telephoto lenses, additional Speedlites, basic flash modifiers, tripod and lightweight stands. Students must have a basic awareness of camera operation and how to move images from the camera to a computer.

Suggested reading: Speedliter’s Handbook.


"Wonderful experience with a great instructor and all possibilities made available."
- Lulu Gyoury, Roswell, GA

"Maine Media Workshops is a friendly, encouraging, and educational experience geared for the students of all ranges of experience, age, and interest."
- Karen Baumann, Washtucna, WA

"Though this was only a week course, I felt like I learned more than I did in a semester in college!"
- Rebecca Neidle, Midlothian, VA

"I searched for a comprehensive speedlite 101 class at every school.  I even spent money on taking some.  They paled in comparison to 'Canon Speedlites Demystified'.  I finally saw the light!"

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