Discover the many ways of capturing dancers in flight

© Lois GreenfieldThe human form in motion is one of the most elusive, yet intriguing of photographic subjects.  In this workshop, Lois shows you how she creates her signature images of dancers caught in flight, and helps you develop your own personal vision and style.

Students learn how to direct movement as well as how to use dancers to express their own photographic ideas. Lois encourages a new way of looking at bodies in motion and the different moods they can evoke. She goes over the creative and technical challenges of photographing movement both in the landscape and in the studio--from the creation of sculptural lighting for a moving subject to achieving crystal-sharp images.  A great photograph is not necessarily one that is preconceived; Lois demonstrates how she controls her strong compositions while allowing for improvisation, and even accidents, that result in unpredictable moments. 

The schedule includes daily editing sessions of the previous day’s shoots, as well as reviews of the participants' portfolios. 

This workshop is open to those with an advanced levels of photographic skills, held in Maine Media's photography studio and some locations. Laptops are required for digital image editing and processing.

Prerequisite: Students must be comfortable with their camera in manual mode.


"I hope I get to work with her again. She's a wonderful instructor and extremely generous with her time and knowledge."

– Dennis S. 2012

"Thank you for sharing your passion and knowledge with us. I am so grateful for the opportunity to have learned from you this week. You are an inspiration to me as a young photographer to keep growing and trying new things."

– Amber D. 2012


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© Lois Greenfield

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