A Master Class for experienced photographers who want to learn to photograph buildings and interior spaces.

Norman McGrathThe revolution is on. The photographic industry has witnessed a major shift from film to digital, even in the architectural field. Until recently, there had been considerable resistance to this movement. With the wider acceptance of full-frame high resolution cameras, skeptics are now finding that many of these tools can provide what they need. But there are still substantial obstacles.

This workshop provides an ideal opportunity to discuss these issues and examine the pros and cons of film versus digital. Whatever a student's objectives, at the end of the week they arrive at a much clearer idea of how to achieve them and which particular approach is best for them. This is a hands-on workshop; everyone participates and even seasoned photographers learn from this experience. Interiors in particular can be a challenge regardless of the system used to document them. Different lighting techniques are demonstrated.

The Workshops provides several lighting kits for use on location and every aspect of the field is discussed including business matters, promotion, portfolio review, rights, publication, insurance and relevant professional organizations.


"Being able to experience the fine technical details of architectural photography under Norman McGrath's leadership, one of the pioneers of this field, was invaluable to my development and learning."
- Lauren Ricker, Seattle, WA

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